Strengths for Writers

As we have gotten through the Write Better-Faster classes, and so many of you have taken the Strengthsfinder test (and started your development on your Strengths), there is a resounding request for more information about Gallup and the Strengthsfinder test. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach (and a former Certified Strengths Performance Coach), I'm passionate about helping writers find the ways they can stand out and write their best work as quickly as they are able.

If you haven't taken the test yet, there's a code in the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book that Gallup publishes. There are also codes on the Gallup website. Or if you take Write Better-Faster, we now have codes available in that class, as well, so there are a lot of ways to find out what your Strengths are, these days.

Those of you who are interested in a Strengths for Writers class (which is currently in development), please either send me an email (Becca at betterfasteracademy dot com) or post a comment here and let me know about your interest. The beta version has been very promising, and I'm hoping to be advertising Strengths for Writers here very soon.

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