Becca Syme (MATL)

is a trained and experienced coach with a Master's Degree in Transformational Leadership and twelve years of experience coaching organizations and individuals in communications, strategy, systems, and self-leadership. She teaches the Write Better-Faster course through Margie Lawson Academy, and now on the Better-Faster Academy as well. Other classes are forthcoming.

My Approach

"I believe that every writer is different--to the point where their systems, products, and approaches are completely unique. I've coached so many writers who assimilate someone else's system, only to not know why it doesn't work for them. And of course, the people making the systems don't know, either. Part of what I endeavor to do is strategically discover the WHY behind something working or not working... between a writer being stuck and unstuck... between a writer's success or failure... and try to understand how they can write, edit, plot, market, work, and live BETTER-FASTER."